Trading Tips: What is the easiest formula to enter the market at the right level? Learn tips from Anil Singhvi

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Index Trading Tips: It is very important for traders to know the correct formula for trading the index. Index trading sees less volatility than stock trading, but the volume is larger, due to which traders need to plan their strategy carefully. Now if we talk about nifty index trading then you need to know the right position to enter. It is important for index traders to understand the difference between the first support level and critical level and when to buy at these levels. On this, Anil Singhvi, Managing Editor and Market Guru of advises you.

1. First formula according to price category

When you move up after the correction and reach the high of the closing day, it is a big advantage that you get a break the next day. So you know what your support level is. If the market closes on a low day, its bottom position is also visible. When opening with a gap you should only buy at the first support. You can buy at the first support level by looking at yesterday’s recovery and today’s gap.

2. Sense based formula

The second formula may be based on perception. If your feeling is not strong, you can take it from wherever you open it. If you find that it always subsides after four or five sessions, the feeling is weak. But if hope is increased because of recovery, the feeling will be strong. Here you can take the first support level. If your sentiment doesn’t improve, you should buy at critical levels. The first support level comes quickly, whereas, the critical level comes a little lower. It is based on strong data.

Remember that if you choose the right entry point in trading, this is how 80% of your work is done. If you don’t have the right entry point, you may do well in other factors, but not make money.

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