Planning to buy Volvo vehicles? Now there will be a shock, the prices of these models will increase from tomorrow

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Volvo car price hike: If you too are planning to buy a Volvo luxury car at the beginning of the new year, your planning may be set back. Luxury carmaker Volvo India on Thursday said it will increase the prices of its three models XC90, XC60 and XC40 Recharge from tomorrow. As per the information received from the company, from November 25, the prices of some selected models of Volvo are going to increase by up to 1.8 percent. Its main objective is to reduce the impact of rising costs.

How much will the price go up?

Starting tomorrow, November 25, the price of selected Volvo models will increase by up to 1.8 percent, the company said in a statement. This means the XC40 recharge price will be increased from Rs 55.9 lakh to Rs 56.9 lakh. At the same time, the price of the XC 60 will be increased to Rs 66.5 lakh and the price of the XC 90 will be increased from Rs 94.9 lakh to Rs 96.5 lakh.

There will be no increase in the prices of these vehicles.

Explaining the increase in the prices of some selected models of the company, Volvo said that the prices of all vehicles will not be increased. The company said there is no change in the prices of S90 Petrol Mild-Hybrid and XC40 Petrol Mild-Hybrid.

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Why is the price increasing?

In a statement, Swedish car manufacturer Volvo said persistent disruptions in the global supply chain increase logistics costs, which have a direct impact on input costs. Keeping this in mind, the price has been increased. However, the company has not hiked the prices till date in the interests of the customers who have booked the cars.

Jyoti Malhotra, Managing Director, Volvo Car India, said that the prices of selected models of the company will increase from Friday. Rising global inflation has forced us to raise the prices of cars for our consumers.

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