Now users will get a chance to conduct surveys on WhatsApp, the company launched a new feature; Learn how to take advantage

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Now users will be able to do surveys on WhatsApp like this

WhatsApp has rolled out a new feature for Android and iOS users. With its help, users can conduct a survey regarding any topic. This feature is named as pole. The poll option is currently not visible for WhatsApp Web. The poll is visible on individual and group chats.

Learn here how it will be used?

Make sure you are using the latest version of WhatsApp on both iOS and Android, if not then update your app. Then open the app and any chat – individual or group chat. On iOS, tap the plus symbol next to the chat box where you’d normally type a message. On Android, tap the ‘paperclip’ symbol that’s part of the chat box. You will see a menu open on both iOS and Android respectively, showing the poll option. Proceed by clicking on it.

Can add up to 12 options

WhatsApp will ask you to type in your poll question and add answer options. Which you can send after typing. Let us tell you, users can add a maximum of 12 options to a poll. There is also an option to view the votes at the bottom of the poll. Along with the WhatsApp response, the number of votes cast is also visible.

Write caption before sharing any document

The way you add captions while sending pictures to someone in Instagram. Similarly, now WhatsApp users will also be able to write captions. Apart from this, there will be facility to write caption in PDF file even while sending the document. Not only this, while changing the profile picture, you will also get to see the option of setting new avatars. Before adding profile picture, you can write caption on it. Let us tell you that this feature is not yet available for the stable version.

Now add group to community

Now there will be a facility to add more than 50 WhatsApp groups to a community at the same time. Apart from this, more than 5,000 people can join the announcement group. You can convey your words to all the 50 people present in the group by messaging only in the announcement group. Apart from this, if someone sends a wrong message in the group, then the admin can delete it at any time. Not only this, 32 people will be able to talk simultaneously by creating a video chat link. Apart from this, users will get many facilities.

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