Insurance Claim: Will the insurance claim be rejected for not wearing the seat belt? Know the rules related to accident insurance

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Car Seat Belt

Life Insurance Claim: We do insurance only to protect the family in case of any untoward incident. But it is seen that insurance companies often reject the claim. In some cases, it has come to the fore that insurance companies pay compensation after deducting the claim amount. After all, why do insurance companies reject claims even in case of an accident? Will the insurance company reject the claim if an accident occurs due to negligence or violation of rules?

The death of former Tata Sons chairman Cyrus Mistry in a road accident has raised many questions regarding insurance claims in accident cases. Let us know from the senior officers of insurance companies that what are the rules of insurance claim in case of accident?

Will the claim be rejected for not wearing a seat belt?

An official of the insurance company said, “If negligence leads to an unfortunate incident, the insurance company is legally mandated to honor the damage claim in the vehicle.” He added that the rear passengers were wearing seat belts. The claim cannot be rejected on the ground of whether or not. Pawanjit Singh Dhingra, joint managing director, Prudent Insurance Brokers, said, “Whether a person is wearing a seat belt or not is not a matter of insurance contract.” it happens.

Benefit of insurance is available even on human error

Companies in the insurance industry say that insurance is bought to protect against risk whether it is due to human error or something else. The industry says that even in the event of human error or violation of rules, the full benefit of the insurance policy will continue to be accepted and claims of accidental death will continue to be accepted. However, in exceptional cases the amount of compensation can be reduced.

Accidents happen due to human negligence

Sanjay Dutta, Head (Risk Assessment & Claims), ICICI Lombard General Insurance Company said, “Most of the accidents are caused by human negligence. Accidents arising out of negligence on purchase of the policy also come under its purview.” Tapan Singhla, Managing Director, Bajaj Allianz General Insurance said, “If the insured has a comprehensive motor insurance policy, damage to the vehicle as per its terms Payment will be made upon receipt. Apart from this, the risk to the occupants of the vehicle is also covered under the policy.

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