Before buying a house, know how safe your building is from earthquakes, otherwise your lifetime’s earnings will be lost.

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Before buying a house, know whether it is safe from earthquake or not

Many people dream of buying their own house. They also fulfill their dreams, but some people spend their lifetime’s earnings to buy a house. If a person’s lifetime’s earnings are being spent somewhere, then every possible effort is made to ensure that it is correct and safe. In the case of houses, some such examples have come to the fore that a few days after the purchase, the houses were razed to the ground in the earthquake. If you are also planning to buy a new house, then first of all check about that house by the methods we are telling. So that you and your dream home are safe in case of an earthquake.

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Some structural testing rules have been made by the government, which give proof of the house being earthquake resistant. With the help of this you can find out whether your house is earthquake resistant or not. These three things will help you find out about it.

  1. Find out about the house whether the building has been constructed and designed as per the Indian Building Code or not.
  2. Ask for a seismic design compliance certificate from the registered architect or structural engineer who designed the building.
  3. Talk to an engineer and get the bearing test done, so that the strength of the house can be known.

Why do earthquakes happen?

When the plates inside the earth collide with each other, the earth moves. Our earth is situated on 12 tectonic plates. When these plates collide with each other, energy is generated from them. Then these energies turn into earthquakes. Apart from this, every year the process of sliding continues in some plates of the earth. Even because of this, we continue to feel the tremors of earthquakes.

What is the center of an earthquake?

The place below the surface of the earth where the rocks collide or break, is called the epicenter. On the other hand, in the language of science, the place where the line connecting the center of the earth with the center of the earthquake cuts the surface of the earth is considered as the center of the earthquake.

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