Air India’s face changed after Tata’s command, now it will start new flights to these countries

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Air India

Tata The face of the airline has changed since the group took over the reins of Air India. According to the Directorate General of Civil Aviation, in October 2022, Air India stood at number one in terms of ontime flights. Air India’s on-time performance stood at 90.8 per cent. This means that 9 out of 10 Air India flights took off on their scheduled time. Along with this, Air India has started working on expanding its business. Air India will start new flight service from Mumbai to New York, Paris and Frankfurt from February next year. The company gave this information on Wednesday. It was informed that direct flights from Delhi to Copenhagen, Milan and Vienna would also be restored. Apart from this, Mumbai-New York (JFK International Airport) daily service will also start from February 14 next year.

Continuously expanding fleet

Air India said it is continuously expanding its fleet through new leased aircraft and re-induction of old aircraft into service. The airline is expanding its service at a time when it is facing a shortage of crew. Meanwhile, Air India has given an option to cabin crew members opting for Voluntary Retirement Scheme (VRS) to extend their tenure till January 31 next year. The Mumbai-New York service will be in addition to the existing daily service from Delhi to New York, the airline said in a statement. With this, Air India’s number of direct flights between India and the US will increase to 47 per week.

Air Asia signed agreement for WiFi facility

Air Asia, in partnership with cloud technology company Sugar Box, has started providing in-flight Wi-Fi on all its aircraft. This information was given in a joint statement. It said that this will allow people traveling via AirAsia India to watch buffer-free content from OTT apps as well as episodes of web series, short films and more than 1,000 Indian and international movies through the in-flight system.

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